10 November 2014

dead end

The nuts and bolts we cracked together
With petty passion, foggy eyes and messy hair
Under the bright light of high efficiency led bulbs
In the opposite of a hurry, in cozy laziness and despair

The bold assumption of a dream-like affair
Sudden tremor, the maniac soulless motion
Of turning gears shy of themselves, all spikes
Oiled and greased with scentless potion

Behold! The engine's roaring beauty
A thousand thunders, a gimmick
Looming in the dark thick air
Of that naked summer night in Brunswick

Deficit means I am not enough
Derelict means I am old and crippled
Do not disturb means I may be taking a nap
Download now means another record has been ripped

It was the end of the road, a dead end
The road not taken better remained that way

gavin thorpe (Whiston, Merseyside, 1978)

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