5 May 2009

Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate

Last Friday, Carol Ann Duffy was appointed Poet Laureate, the first woman to hold the title in the post's 341-year history. She succeeds Andrew Motion as Laureate and is appointed for a fixed-term of ten years. Duffy, 53, was born in Glasgow and spent her school years in Stafford. She studied philosophy at the University of Liverpool. Best known for her collection The World's Wife, she won the T.S. Eliot prize for Rapture. Duffy said that she will give the £5,750 annual payment away but has clearly stated that she will personally enjoy the 600 bottles of sherry traditionally given to the Laureate.

* * *

"Poetry can't be documentary. I'm not sure that any of the arts should be — but poetry, above all, is a series of intense moments — its power is not in narrative. I'm not dealing with facts, I'm dealing with emotion."

Carol Ann Duffy (Glasgow, 1955), as quoted by jeanette winterson in The Times, September 3, 2005

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